Taking care of our skin is definitely not an easy task. Dry skin is frustrating because not only is it difficult to cover up with makeup but sometimes it is physically painful. Everyone suffers from it ever so often and everyone can relate to dry skin issues which is a common problem people have these days. However, on your own what you can do is rejuvenate your skin by rehydrating the skin. Let’s start with some hacks and dry skin fixes that you need to know and try out, it will not only smoothen your skin but will also help you with wrinkles and damage in the future because dehydrated skin is much more prone to wrinkling and premature ageing. Remember prevention is always easier than treatment.

1-Testing your skin type

See if you actually have dry skin or oily skin or do you just experience dryness occasionally or seasonally. The best time to test your skin is right after you take a shower, that’s right! The second you step out, just feel your skin, does it feel kind of buttery or kind of like cookie dough and is it very smooth or does it feel tight? If your skin feels tight when you first get out of shower that means your skin is dry or dehydrated and if it tends to get oily later in the day, it’s because your skin is over producing oil to try to rehydrate itself and protect you.



2-Coconut Oil or Coconut Cream

Try using Coconut Oil/Cream as your primer this is a really amazing “DIY” trick. It is inexpensive and coconut cream has lots of beautiful fats and lipids that really do hydrate the skin. This is great because it moisturizes flakes and actually keeps them pressed down and yet it creates kind of a sticky surface so that your foundation can stay all day long without cracking or creasing and without making you look dry throughout the day.



Something which is obvious when you have dry skin is moisturizing is the key. This wouldn’t be a perfect list of hacks if you wouldn’t know to moisturize. You firstly needed to look on some specific ingredients. You will need Hyaluronic acid as it will help in really plumping up the skin to helping with fine lines and wrinkles and of course hydration. You always want to use your hyaluronic acid (> 4%) underneath because it’s a humectant, it grabs onto water molecules and keeps them inside your skin. The next ingredient you want to look for are peptides, a water gel moisturizer which is completely oil free so if you skin gets oily later, this is a safe work-around. It also has vitamins and peptides which hydrate the skin in long term. It hydrates all the way down into the deeper layers of your skin and this process provides hydration for upto 5 days. Lastly look for raw or vitamin infused skin care products because skin on your body needs nutrients.

4-Hydrated foundation

When it comes to dry skin make sure you are using the right foundation. If you are using a liquid foundation or a powder which controls oil you are probably drying your skin even more. During winter choose a hydrating foundation which has Hyaluronic acid or some of those ingredients which hydrates the skin. Use makeup which actually delivers the properties you need to feel beautiful with or without it.



5-Stop using makeup wipes

They are convenient, easy to use and travel friendly but they could be really drying out your skin so stop using them. Most makeup wipes have alcohol or drying ingredients that allow them to remove makeup but those are not healthy for your skin especially if your skin is dry. Instead of that you can use oil cleanser. Oil really works well in breaking down makeup, they don’t just remove it but they can actually break down the individual particles meaning your skin will be cleaner overall. On top of that, using an oil cleanser helps to hydrate the skin and it doesn’t strip the skin from its natural moisture. Use an oil cleanser to cleanse your skin to remove all the makeup but enhance and maintain your skin’s natural barrier function intact.


Hydrate your body inside out just because you drink water does not mean you are getting the hydration, eating fruits and vegetables with the right amount of water will help your body feel hydrated. So if you want to stay hydrated which is not only good for your skin but your body as well try eating fresh an organic vegetables and fruits.

Try these tips and enjoy a healthy, rejuvenated and supple skin!