Most feature rich hair & beauty software & client retention solution

Our Vision

We believe that modern technology that enables better customer experience and data driven decision making to significantly grow businesses should not only be accessible to big corporates just because they can afford.

Our vision is to help hair & beauty service providers to cost effectively achieve more success with a solution that offers digital enablement and built in analytics.

Our Story

It all started with one extremely bad experience that our founding member had at a salon which prompted him to think deep about the challenges faced by not only consumers but salon owners. After discussing and validating problem areas with over 20 business owners and many consumers in different parts of the world, Retainoo concept was conceived and then we never looked back. Now Retainoo is easily one of the most innovative hair & beauty software that does not only focus on more efficient business management tools but also client experience which should be the most important aspect for any service provider. We believe that more engaged clients are your best clients and Retainoo is all about client engagement and retention that in return brings more repeat business and revenue.