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Anti-Aging Skincare Tips

Anti-aging is a bigger problem than you think it is especially now a days due to unhealthy habits. However, you can put an end to worrying about your age. The secret key to a wrinkle free baby face and the secret ingredients on how to achieve the youthful glow will surely help you stay young and feel young. While it’s true that aging starts for most people when they’re 25 or in mid-20’s, but it also depends on other factors. It might be different for every person so it’s always good to prepare and prevent aging under all circumstances.                                                                                                                   

The “Four Factors” that causes aging of skin.

1-UV rays: UV exposure is the direct cause of aging . If your skin is exposed to the UV rays for a long time the production of collagen in our dermis decreases which makes the skin thinner and this causes changes in the elastic fibers of our skin. So it causes a decrease of the elasticity of our skin and also it will lead to wrinkles later on.

2-Free Radicals: Created from ourselves- subcutaneous fat in our body, free radicals actually damage our skin and play a huge role in skin aging.                             

3-Dry Skin: As you age, less sebum is produced so the rate of aging actually just accelerates because less sebum is produced causing dryness due to lower level of moisture in our skin.                                                                                    4-Life-Style: A lot of things in our lifestyle can cause aging really fast but smoking in particular can really cause and speed up the process. So very interestingly when we blow out the smoke that motion can cause wrinkles. It can actually lower level of oxygen around our mouth which can lead to the formation of wrinkles.                                                                                                 

Now most importantly when should you start worrying about aging? And when should you start anti-aging care? There is a saying “You can lie about your age but your skin can not!” but depending on how well you take care of your skin you can look much younger than you really are. It’s very important before aging starts that you actually work proactively on preventing it. Anti-aging is crucial for those of you starting in your mid 20’s so even if you are in your late 20’s it’s not too late you can actually slow down the process. Honestly no matter how old are you it really doesn’t matter, it’s never too late. Let’s slow down the process and get started.                       

Tips to maintain youthful Appearance:
1-Lifestyle: Make sure you apply lotion every two or three hours. The second part to it might sound hard but try to overcome bad habits like smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, a large amount of caffeine and over eating as these can also cause aging so it’s good to get in habit of clean and healthy eating.                                                                                                                                 

2-Food: Beans, Anchovies, fruits and vegetables are among the food that we should eat to maintain our youthful appearance. Beans and Fruits actually act as antioxidants; Anchovies remove the active elements that really promote the process of aging. Fresh fruits and vegetables are really high in Vitamin A, C and E will also help with the anti-aging process. So always try to keep seasonal fruits and vegetables as snacks. Cabbage and Broccoli are also anti-aging foods that actually helps to detox the impurities in your body and it is also rich in Vitamin C which acts as an anti-aging antioxidant.                                                                                                                                         

3-Massage: Just simply tapping your face, it actually stimulates the lymph nodes which helps prevent aging, thanks to the flood circulation and also massage really helps for elimination of weight.                                                           

4-Ingredients: Dermis found under the skin is crucial in the aging of the skin. Use collagen, elastin , honey, hyaluronic acid are among some of the different ingredients and components that are beneficial for the dermis, collagen actually helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity to prevent aging. It’s really important that you keep on taking care of your skin and making sure that you keep on injecting your body with these ingredients and a healthy diet.