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Skincare Mistakes We All Make

We bring you the ultimate list of common skin care mistakes you are probably making, so nothing stops you and your skin from looking at it very best. The biggest mistakes you might be making right now, at this very […]


Taking care of our skin is definitely not an easy task. Dry skin is frustrating because not only is it difficult to cover up with makeup but sometimes it is physically painful. Everyone suffers from it ever so often and […]

5 Remedies to Achieve Flawless Skin

You can’t use products all the time to get the flawless skin everyone envies. Say no to expensive products while pampering your skin with all natural elements. All you have to do is add a few things in your daily [...]

Simple Steps to Achieve a No Makeup Look

Starting with giving our self a reality check- no one just wakes up with an illuminating glow, every girl has her own skin issues like dark circles, acne, blemishes and what not. It’s no secret that the no makeup look […]

The 5 Head Turning Hair Trends to Follow

It’s hard not to daydream about what exciting new looks you can flaunt of this year. A good haircut is a must for the perfect look on days like glam night, a fancy dinner date, get togethers with friends or […]

6 Easy Steps to Beautiful Skin

A few steps to follow before calling it a night for healthy and glowing skin. 1-Cleanse: Every girl needs to find a good cleanser which is handpicked according to your skin type to remove all dirt and impurities. Gel cleansers […]

Digital innovation at it’s best in hair and beauty business

In today’s competitive hair & beauty salon industry, it is paramount for business owners to embrace technology to retain clients. Providing a great experience at the salon is always going to be the biggest reason why a client would return […]

How to choose the right bridal hairstyle

It’s your wedding, and you want every tiny detail to be perfect; from the fancy cake to the extravagant wedding decor, your dreamy outfit to your statement jewellery! Hmm, but what’s that one thing that will really compliment your wedding […]

5 Big Hair Trends For Autumn/Winter 2019

Fancy having those luscious long locks? May be a stacked bob hairstyle would suit you more! How about featuring a low ponytail with a curtain fringe? There are plenty of cutting-edge styles you can get to grips with when it […]