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Go natural to stop hair fall

Whether it’s the trauma of waking up to severed strands all over your pillow or the heartbreak of watching your looks slither into the drain in betrayal. No one can deny that hair fall really hurts! Now you don’t need to worry about hair fall anymore. Let’s start with how can you tackle with your hair fall in an all-natural and organic way.                                                                                                           

1- Natural Hair Elixir

Take 2 tbsp. of  Indian gooseberry powder, 1 tbsp. of acacia concinna powder and add some water to make a paste, cover the paste and let it soak overnight. In the morning mix 1 tbsp. of  fenugreek powder along with the juice from 1 lemon and enough yogurt to make a smooth paste. Apply it to the hair and then wash it after an hour. Do this regularly and you will not only see your hair fall be reduced but your hair will look stronger, thicker and healthier.                                                                           

2- A Natural Organic Shampoo

If you are experiencing hair fall or hair thinning it is important that you reduce the use of harmful chemicals on your hair. To keep your already stressed tresses from unnecessary hair fall choose an “Organic Shampoo” that will clean your hair thoroughly while also nourishing it and preventing hair fall and damage.                                                                               

3- Hair Foods

If it was as simple as applying oils and packs, we’d all have fabulous hair. But true beauty comes from within right? and starts with what you put inside your body. If you have any sort of vitamin or mineral deficiencies or you suffer from a hormonal imbalance that is probably the cause behind your hair fall. The good news is a simple tweak in your diet can sort this out. Make sure you get plenty of green leafy vegetables like spinach along with delicious lentils, whole grains like oats, sweet potatoes, eggs, fatty fish like salmon and also sensible portions of red meat. As an additional tip, seeds aren’t just for birds so make sure you include a healthy mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and watermelon seeds in your daily diet as they are all amazing for hair.                                                                 

4- Homemade Paste

As you know egg whites are super rich in protein. Applying them directly to your hair can improve your hair texture and helps to control hair fall. Lets start with how you can make a quick paste. Crack an egg pour the white in a bowl add a tsp of olive oil to the mix and stir it well. Apply it all over your scalp and hair. Leave it for 15 to 20 mins and wash it off.                                                                                                               

Now you know everything in place to say goodbye to hair fall forever. Eat right, choose a pure organic shampoo and pamper your hair regularly with all natural hair ingredients.