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Homemade Serums for All Skin Types

We have all heard about serums and the amazing things they can do for our skin! Serums are a lightweight mixture of concentrated ingredients that should be applied to your skin once a day to help fix skin issues. Some serums are water-based and should be applied before your moisturizer, while others are oil-based and should be applied after your moisturizer. Although the raw ingredients for these serums are expensive, you can make many mixtures out of them and they will last for several years.Benefits of serums include hydration, it’s a concentrated dose of all these natural  ingredients that really help you nourish and smooth out your skin, it helps with minimizing pores, even outs blemishes or uneven colouring.

DIY Potion For Dry Skin: When you have dry skin, your skin tends to look dull and nobody wants dull looking skin that ages really fast, so the best you can do is mix 2 tbsp of almond oil with 5 drops of rose essential oil and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. The almond oil is incredibly rich in vitamin E which nourishes the skin and prevents premature aging. Rose oil is great to rehydrate dry skin and lavender has soothing properties that help with irritated skin.                                                                                            Soothing Serum For Dry Skin: Mix 2 tbsp of jojoba oil with 3 drops of tea tree oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, and 3 drops of lemongrass oil. Jojoba oil is extremely mild and is similar to the natural oil in our skin. Lavender will help soothe inflammation and irritation, lemongrass is an antibacterial. This will hydrate your skin from deep within and it just really soaks into your skin really fast so throughout the whole day after you put it on, you don’t have to worry about your skin feeling dry.

Glow Getter For Combination Skin: People with combination skin may be producing too much oil because the skin is not getting enough moisture. Regardless of our age or skin type we all need a great serum to keep our skin moist and protect against the environment and help prevent irritation. Take a bowl , mix 2 tbsp of argan oil, 6 drops of carrot oil, 4 drops of lemon oil, and 4 drops of rose oil. The argan oil is incredibly nourishing and will bring life back to your skin while the carrot oil will repair damaged skin. The lemon oil will brighten and reduce pigmentation and the rose oil will hydrate your skin. Apply this serum twice a day to get the best results.                   

Growth Booster For Thicker Skin: Combine 1 tsp of petroleum jelly with 2-3 drops of vitamin E oil. The mineral oils in petroleum jelly will hydrate your lashes and make them plumper from root to tip! Vitamin E oil will hydrate them and help them grow as well.

Volume Booster For Longer Lashes: Mix 1 tsp of green tea with 1tsp aloe vera gel. Greentea has natural antioxidant properties that will promote growth while aloe vera is an antifungal that also helps your lashes and hair grow longer. By Putting this serum on your lashes, everyday for a month you can get the amazing result.

How to store your serums? Store these serums 6 to 8 months in dark-colored bottles as over-time sunlight can make your mixture less effective.