Starting with giving our self a reality check- no one just wakes up with an illuminating glow, every girl has her own skin issues like dark circles, acne, blemishes and what not. It’s no secret that the no makeup look is a big lie! We tend to use a lot of products to get the most minimal look but focusing on the upside, it doesn’t require a ton of time. We need the skin to look sun kissed, almost lustrous, in other words a glowing tan. This look helps one accentuate their natural glowy self which usually requires less time and effort than your usual night out. To pull of the perfect no makeup look we have the breakdown of the 5 most important tricks you need to follow. Let’s get started!

1-SKINCARE: Make sure your skin looks moisturized and supple before applying makeup, you can use any kind of hydrating mask for face prep but applying too many products is never a good idea. When it comes to skincare, herbal products are always recommended along with home remedies. No matter how many miracle products you use if your diet is imbalanced your skin just won’t give that natural glow. Learn the power of having a flawless skin and gain the self-confidence needed to pull off this bare minimal look.

2-CONCEALER TO HIDE BLEMISHES: The way you put on your concealer is just as important as the concealer itself! Exaggerated fine lines, flaky patches should not be seen. You can opt for a matte finish for a more natural day to day look. Never try to apply concealer with your fingers always use a brush with a stiff pointed tip. If you suffer from dark circles use a radiant product to add extra glow to your look.

3-DITCH ALL THE FOUNDATIONS: Use light coverage base it gives you the coverage that you want along with giving your skin to give the dewy look that everyone envies. Rather than going for any kind of foundation one can also opt to use a BB cream as they mattify, hydrate and illuminate your skin which gives the perfect finish you want from foundation without giving you that heavy cakey look. Sometimes the BB cream you are applying is sheer- you could end up with a neck and face that will give two different colors but that can be avoided. Don’t apply the product on your face only, covering the neck area is essential as well. The best thing is you can skip the primer and moisturizer because it has everything you need.

4-HIGHLIGHTERS: Cream highlighters will be perfect to keep things minimal while giving you a glowing dewy look to ultimately help enhance your cheek bones for a more attractive look. Cream highlighters are effortlessly blend-able and gives a natural tint. These highlighters are travel friendly and easy to apply. Just a small dab on the high points of your face will go a long way. These highlighters last for hours and add a pretty, shimmery flush of natural radiance all over your cheeks. You will be completely in love with the flattering finish it gives.

5-LIP TINT or NUDE MATTE SHADES: There is a big “NO” to lipsticks here when you are going for a no makeup look! The best thing you can do to your lip is give them a pigment through tint rather than going for lipsticks which gives the loud look to your face and can be disastrous while trying to achieve creating this look. Sometimes lip tints don’t give that satisfying look- in that case you can choose nude matte shades as they are more pigmented and last longer than tints. A lip tint is water or gel based which enhances your natural lip color which is perfect for the ‘I woke up like this’ look.

With healthy skin and the right amount of confidence this look can be pulled of any time of the day!