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Skincare Mistakes We All Make

We bring you the ultimate list of common skin care mistakes you are probably making, so nothing stops you and your skin from looking at it very best. The biggest mistakes you might be making right now, at this very moment that is either causing more acne or damaging your skin, in general. The most fundamental mind set is not trusting your skin enough, therefor, thinking that you need that a miracle fix for your skin. Your skin is smart and is a functioning living organ that knows how to repair and restore itself. All your skin might need is just a basic hydration and comfortable environment for it to function, improve and rejuvenate.


1-Aggressive Cleansing Habits:

Washing your skin, cleansing your skin multiple times a day is definitely overdoing it. Some people tend to cleanse for 10 to 15 minutes thinking that it is really purifying their skin and of course it is but at the same time it is taking away all the essential components to naturally moisturize your skin. You are really disrupting and damaging the skin barrier. The cleansing agents inside the cleansers don’t know how to detect or identify the difference between what to take like the dirt, grind and sweat and what to leave. Therefore, it takes away literally everything and usually we see beauty brands recommending to use their cleanser as more like a 15 minutes purifying detoxifying mask you are doing at the expense of really damaging to skin barrier.

2-Irritating the skin:

Overuse of cotton pads, cleansing wipes and makeup wipes and overuse of cleansing cloth to remove makeup can not only be irritable for sensitive skin but can effect anybody after vigorous use over a long span of time. Skin around our eyes, nose and mouth is extremely thin and delicate and should always be treated gently. Rubbing your eyes when you are tired, tugging your face while cleansing, stretching your eyelids while putting on eyeliner our some of the things that loses skin elasticity and make it more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. Some people are addicted to cotton pads because they know how instantly gratifying it just feels by wiping away all the residue. If you have to use cotton pads, instead of choosing the ones that comes with an exfoliating texture choose the one that has no texture at all that is really silky smooth and when you are using the cotton pads make sure it is completely drenched or drenched enough so that the dry surface doesn’t tear or scratch your skin.
3-Using a full range of active ingredients: A lot of people just follow a specific regime and then they believe that they need to use every single product in their skin care routine that is geared towards improving or eliminating it. A facial wash for lightening skin and lightening skin care tonner, brightening serum, illuminating day cream and night cream. In your teenage years and all the way up to early 30’s your base line should be always hydration and miniaturization and that is just the creating the right environment for your skin to do its own job and then here and there you can insert an active treatment like retinol product or vitamin A product when your skin needs it instead of just shoving your skin and heaping on so many different active ingredients that are stressing your skin out. A balanced skin care regime is the key.


3-Not moisturizing oily skin:

It’s easy to fall under the trap of thinking that you really need to dry up your skin in order to balance it. Somehow that is very far from the truth, in fact a lot of you guys have oily but dehydrated skin. Once you start truly hydrating, nourishing and moisturizing your skin, you kind of find out that your skin actually is back in balance. It doesn’t produce the greasiness and you don’t see them anymore because now the skin is hydrated and replenished. You are giving a comfortable and soothing environment for your skin to really thrive. Don’t just wear products or indulge in product range that says it is designed for oily skin as conventional products can be really drying. You can always offer a really light weight refreshing gel moisturizer to start.


Guilty of all these mistakes? No worries, we are too but let’s take an oath to let out skins breathe this summer and keep them cool and hydrated. Cheers!