It’s hard not to daydream about what exciting new looks you can flaunt of this year. A good haircut is a must for the perfect look on days like glam night, a fancy dinner date, get togethers with friends or just on a normal work day when you don’t have a hairstylist- it takes a lot to have a perfect hair day that can also be pulled off as casual. You might want to get your stylist on the phone now, because these looks are going to help you figure out how to wear your hair in the new decade.

1-SUPER LONG HAIR: Let Kim Kardashian’s and Jennifer Lopez ’s extra-long locks be your inspiration this year. There is so much we can do while styling especially when you have healthy hair-length to play with, from braids to fancy up do’s to curling and fun beachy waves. Long hair can even add a bit of edge and personality to your everyday look or give you a magical feminine and elegant finish you need for those special events. If you have short hair and don’t want to spend the due time to grow it out- extensions and wigs are the best workaround. Handling super long hair is a pain sometimes but the look that they give us is completely worth it.


2- THE SHAG: Bringing back the 90’s most popular look which was popularized by Jennifer Aniston back then, is one of the trendiest cuts you can opt for this year. This hairstyle will surely give you a modern and sharp look and is one of the most iconic low maintenance and easily-styled solutions. The best part is the ‘Shag’ looks equally good on both straight or curly hair. For those who have thin hair texture, this cut can be like your best fitting dress, you wear it and look undeniably flawless.


3-BANGS ARE IN AGAIN: 2020 is set to carry on the legacy of last decade- BANGs’. One of the most popular haircut of last decade is going nowhere and still trending in the 2020; some might know it as a fringe while others call it bangs, but none the less everyone is familiar with this timeless cut. The haircut which gives volume to hair looks good either way, on short or long tresses. It might even be the hottest hair trend for valentines, too! Bangs can add magic to a boring cut especially when you’re looking to bring a fresh update to your hairstyle, front or side bangs can frame the face in the most flattering way.


4-BLUNT BOB: Bobs have proven themselves to be endless of time. The timeless classic cut is famous for the edginess and sophistication it adds to one’s personality. The bluntness of the ends gorgeously emphasizes the jaw area which brings out a flattering look to its wearer. It best suits women who have square or heart shaped faces. Give your hair a neat chop and texturize it for an amazing look that you dream of. Classy, yet simple and straightforward, this cut ensures comfort and easiness in your day to day look along with making hair look healthier, stronger and thicker.

Blunt cuts are mostly worn in straight hair to show off the lines, sleekness of texture, and to add more edginess to the look but that doesn’t mean you can’t style waves for a blunt cut when you are looking to make a statement. So be confident and let your hair do all the talking.


5-PIXIE CUT: The new decade is all about breaking barriers, self-confidence and empowering each other.  If you are looking for something edgy, completely different and not mainstream- a Pixie cut is the way forward! This is one of the many variants of a crop cut, generally short from the sides and slightly longer from the top with short bangs. Pixie cuts tend to be no-mess, no-fuss, they can save you tons of time in the morning so no more getting late. Rocking a short, pixie hairstyle isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the payoff is surely worth it. Even being a little messy with your hairstyle can help you steal the show.


Before deciding what haircut to completely rock make sure you consult your stylist. A trendy haircut that compliments your look and self-confidence is all you need to keep heads turning!